Monday, November 5, 2012

Bright new day?

foggy sunrise through the woods
© harrington
Tomorrow is election day. I'm hopeful it will be less rancorous than today. Many decades ago, when I had first moved here from New England, where politics is a full-bodied contact sport, Minnesota politics was played with a level of civility and sportsmanship I haven't noticed recently. Politics in Minnesota is now played as a zero sum game, which seems to me to be both unnatural and unsustainable. We're all Minnesotans and, absent a wave of migration of biblical proportions, we will continue to be interdependent. With luck, hard work and a dash of "wisdom to know the difference," tomorrow may be the start of a brighter time for My Minnesota, if we relearn how to play well with others. (Someone still should be grading the backs of our report cards.)