Sunday, November 25, 2012

Creative corners

photo of WA Frost and Nina's/Subtext at Selby and Western St. Paul
Frost's and Nina's/Subtext

photo of Nina's/Subtex and College of Visual Arts at Selby and Western St. Paul
Nina's/Subtext and College of Visual Arts

photo of College of Visual Arts and YWCA at Selby and Western St. Paul
College of Visual Arts and YWCA
Creativity has been a notable element in the life and economy of My Minnesota. The photos (all © harrington) above are of the corners of Western and Selby in St. Paul. Nina's is a coffee house par excellence with displays by local artists, and incorporating overflow space in the lower level at Subtext, the bookstore that is the successor to Common Good Books which has headed to the environs of Snelling and Grand. On any given day, I'm likely to be found at or near one of these establishments. Nina's keeps track of writers creating on the premises and offers live entertainment from time to time. Subtext hosts author readings. The College of Visual Arts, in addition to providing numerous guests to Nina's, offers a 4-year BFA in drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. The YWCA, eliminating racism, empowering women, has a useful computer lab in addition to the expected pool and exercise equipment. Based on personal experience, I've found their staff to be professional and extremely helpful. Finally, there's WA Frost and Company, a tradition for summer patio eating and a welcome member of the locally sourced food contingent. This combination of food for your mind, body, heart and soul may be unsurpassed by any other neighborhood intersection in the Twin Cities. Nominate your contenders in the comments section.