Wednesday, November 21, 2012


photo of exterior of Dayton House at Christmas
© harrington
Several years ago I had the pleasure of spending time in Worthington during the holiday season. I stayed at the historic Dayton House. I'll make it a tradition to stay there again, should I ever again need to  overnight in that area. One of the pleasures of the season in My Minnesota is following family traditions to help celebrate giving thanks, sharing religious and cultural holidays (including Solstice for us druids), and renewing and restoring memories. Historic preservation, in all its many forms, is a worthwhile alternative to always seeking the newest, biggest, most improved. In My Minnesota, we try to measure value as much with our hearts as with our heads. Soon my wife, daughter, her significant other and I will head off to local bookstores, one a national chain, several independents (another aspect of My Minnesota for which I'm perpetually grateful), to start this year's episode of a family tradition begun many years ago, finding, taking home and reading the "Christmas book." Its sort of like a literary Christmas tree hunt. The book has to capture the spirit of Christmas/Chanukah/Solstice/Kwanza from the perspective of those of us who live in My Minnesota. Recent years have seen additions to our library from Carol Bly and Bill Holm. Enjoy the season. Build your traditions.