Friday, November 9, 2012

Working harbor

photo of the harbor at Duluth Superior
© harrington
I was born in Boston MA and grew up mostly on the south shore and Cape Cod areas of Massachusetts. That probably helps account for why I find Duluth so appealing (despite its lack of salt water aroma). Working harbors have long been a part of My Minnesota. Duluth on Lake Superior, St. Paul and Minneapolis on the Mississippi River, are watery connection points to the rest of the world. Many of the river towns south of St. Paul, such as Hastings, Red Wing and Winona, retain a wonderful historic patina. Duluth, which recently experienced and is recovering from, a "storm of the millenium," is expected to be among the leaders in demonstrating how cities can adapt to climate change associated events. New York and New Jersey will now no doubt also be pursuing adjustments to rising sea levels and higher storm surges. Resilience has always been required of those who live in My Minnesota. Resilient development will be necessary for a sustainable future here.