Thursday, December 20, 2012

A new era dawning

photo of dawn sky
© harrington
I'm hopeful that tomorrow morning the sky will look something like the photo above. Winter solstice will dawn clear and bright, bringing us all into a new era in which we start to do much more to take care of our home planet so it can continue to take care of us. Recently, I've been thinking about sustainable living in a different way. I'm realizing that it's not about making sacrifices today so that our children and their children and their children can have a better life. It's about the quality of our lives today. Energy efficiency at home means I'm more comfortable in a less draughty house with more money to spend on books, music, coffee, whatever. Water conservation means I spend less time looking at (and mowing) boring green grass and more time watching and smelling wildflowers and prairie grasses. Sustainability has little, if anything, to do with sack cloth and ashes and lots to do with enjoying, and helping to maintain, the beauty that's all around us. I've mentioned before being raised in New England where there is a long and strong history behind the idea of "waste not, want not." Presuming that we're all here tomorrow morning to greet the dawn, check back then.  I'll have a special solstice celebration treat for My Minnesota's readers. S(olstice) minus one and counting.