Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chill out

photo of winter morning moonset
© harrington
Yesterday's howling winds delivered arctic cold to My Minnesota. Today's high temperatures are forecast to stay in the single digits. This is the weather that encourages some of us to stay in and plan spring and summer activities. The wind should have swept the pond hockey championship ice clear of snow (and maybe audiences). The temperatures might thin the crowds at the Crashed Ice race in St. Paul later this week if it doesn't warm a little. Although most hardy Minnesotans know how to dress for below-zero wind chills, many of us have enough sense to not go and stand around outside in the cold watching others be active. Keep your bird feeders full, maybe add some suet; make sure your car is plugged in (if you can); ease your concerns about how you look (until the temperatures ease); don't leave your pets outside without shelter; and, as they used to say on Hill Street Blues "Be careful out there." I don't want to loose any readers to terminal frost bite.