Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mud and moss

photo of kingbird nest and chicks over doorway
© harrington
We've had a nest like this over our front door every year since we've moved into our house. I think the nest and youngsters belong to an I think the nest and youngsters belong to an Eastern Kingbird. (For the record, I wouldn't want to have to try to make a living with my bird identification skills.) Every five years or so, I get annoyed with the mess on the front porch and,remove the nest in the autumn, after its been abandoned. The following spring, bits of mud and moss once again begin adhering to the ledge over the front door. I'm never sure if its the same bird, one of last year's hatchlings, or if the ledge over the front door is such prime real estate among kingbirds that word gets around while they're wintering in warmer climes. By now, you're justified in wondering what this has to do with winter in My Minnesota. Yesterday, there was mud on the road in front of my house. Today, that road is frozen solid, the temperature is in the mid-teens, the wind is gusting to 25 or more miles per hour and thinking about spring and moss and mud is how I manage to get through. (Also for the record, along with mud and moss goes open water. I didn't make it to the St. Croix River this week. It's still on my list and you'll be among the first to know when I do.) Think Spring.