Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow fleas flee snow?

photo of snow melt on gravel road
© harrington
Can you see the melt and the mud in the road above? Today's high temperature was above freezing, again. Tomorrow's forecast calls for rain. Rain in January in My Minnesota used to be unheard of. Maybe in Missouri, but not in the North Country where we're more used to extended spells of zero or below. As I grow older I find that I more easily become winter-weary, even when winter isn't really. This is the kind of day when taking the dog for a walk can be a pleasure (depending on the dog). Since the temperature was above 20 degrees, and the sun was shining, I kept looking for snow fleas on the snow banks. Once again I didn't see any. Have you ever seen a snow flea. Have you ever even heard of snow fleas? Maybe I have to put seeing snow fleas on my bucket list. Maybe I need a bucket list to put seeing snow fleas on. When the weather is colder and snowier, its easier to stay in and write lists. When its like today, we should be out looking for snow fleas and other signs of life.

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