Friday, February 8, 2013

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the ...

Last night I wrote a poem in honor of Governor Dayton's budget message and the news that the moose population in My Minnesota has dropped by a third in the past year. Think about a future Minnesota without moose; with quail replacing ruffed grouse. Minnesota could become the land of 1,000 or 500 lakes. Is that what we want? Is it "too expensive" to fix?

PrePrometheus, heat was heaps
Huddles, fur wraps
Summer naked
Winter sleep

Spark stolen, comfort tindered
Smoke swarmed, hauled
Cinders shielded friction
Bowed and mastered,

Life’s cord measured
Ashes to ashes
Middens to nourish
Smoke holed in stacks

Coal, coke, peat and char
Dustbins to skies darkened
Hearths and beds warmed
Dampers dampened, fires banked

Wood warmed twice
Cut, burned
Coal mined, mountains turned
Ashes to dust

Earth punctured, gas flared
Oil pumped, shale fractured
Pipes lined, sands tarred
Rigs blown, people scarred

Barrels reserved
Wood pile diminished
Gas and oil gone
Middle east finished

Ashes to ashes
Gas to the sky
Carbon entrapment
Planet fry die
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