Friday, March 22, 2013

It's about time

photo of returning waterfowl
© harrington
Welcome. Thanks for stopping in. This afternoon, between the sunshine and the above-freezing temperatures, I swear I could sense the spirits of Minnesotans rising (except, maybe, for those in the Red River valley). Is this it? Is Spring finally hear to stay? Have waterfowl started north and will there be open water for them when they arrive? Are you excited? I am. I've been fighting off that Winter won't let go of me funk. My poor wife has come down with the proverbial Spring cold or worse. And yet, today I heard several crows cawing. I don't recall hearing that earlier this season. Shrinking snow banks are turning gravel roads into bogs. I could cope with an extended period of days in the upper 30s and nights around freezing. A slow melt would help up north. For someone who's spent much of his life hurrying to get to wherever next may be, I'm slowly learning to appreciate the pace set by snails and turtles. I'm also grateful for another opportunity to experience the earth's quickening. Enough for today. I'm going to go take a deep breath of fresh, Spring air. Thanks for listening. Stop by again soon. Rants or raves served daily.