Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mything you

photo of sunset with light pillar
© harrington
Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Did you see last night's spectacular sunset? The light pillar was one of the best reasons for ice crystals to exist that I've ever come across. This afternoon's dog walk was actually comfortable. I'm not yet ready to put the cushions back on the patio furniture, but I'm starting to believe (again) there will come a time... Have you come across the phrase "life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved?" How about "happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road?" This is a time of year I am more challenged than usual to accept the wisdom in those ideas. I want the ice gone, now. I want the snow melted, now. I want it to be warm, not warmer, but warm. And then I remember my grandmother asking me if I meant to wish my whole life away. Learning to enjoy now, to be fully in the present, does not come easily to me. And yet, the beauty of last evening's sky gave me pleasure, and hope, and a glimmer that there are many things we humans are incapable of improving on. Do any of you think that a genetically modified sunset would be more beautiful? How many of you were there to see the first earth rise? What did that do to your perspective on us humans and our home? Yesterday, I read about someone who is going to walk most of the way across the country because she believes we need "radical re-mythologization efforts in our communities and around the world." That started me thinking about Gary Snyder and Native American myths, especially those related to turtle island. Maybe we don't need new myths, we need to rediscover and share the ones that are indigenous to our home. Think about it. We'll talk some more tomorrow here at My Minnesota where rants, raves and reflections are served daily.