Friday, March 29, 2013

Poetry of Spring

photo of waterfowl in flight
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for dropping in this Friday afternoon. Welcome. An unconfirmed report from our predawn dog walker claimed that geese were heard in the neighborhood early this morning. The timing would be about right. I'm hoping to see a red wing blackbird one of these days soon, promptly followed by some open water in the Sunrise River. Last night, three does were feeding along the south facing slope in the backyard where the snow had melted and some ancient acorns might be found. I'll download the pictures from the camera and share one tomorrow. I've noticed in the past few days that the red squirrels and the mice have made more holes in the patio screening below the snow line. If we didn't feed the birds, or if the birds didn't make a mess with scattered seeds, the squirrels and mice wouldn't be attracted to that corner of the house and ... But then we wouldn't have the birds to watch all Winter. Sigh! Doing the cleanup and fixing is a Spring chore to look forward to, as is the prospect of writing blog posts while sitting in the warm, gentle breeze that we should have any day now. Right? Then we'll get to kick back, put our feet up and enjoy Spring, Summer and Autumn. But first, we'll participate in National Poetry Month. Starting April 1st (also Twins opener), My Minnesota is going to increase (and hopefully improve) its poetry content and comments, particularly on Minnesota poets such as Robert Bly and Joyce Sutphen, although we'll probably try to sneak in some non-Minnesotans like Gary Snyder. I hope you'll enjoy it. If not, come anyway for our other rants, raves and reflections served here daily.