Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter's blow out?

photo of frost crystals on window pane
© harrington
If you go when the snowflakes storm
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
Please see if she's a coat so warm
To keep her from the howlin' winds.
"Girl from the North Country"
                          Bob Dylan
Welcome. Thanks for coming on this last official day of Winter. Bobby Zimmerman, from Hibbing Minnesota, must have known more than a few days like today, to be able to capture our weather so well in his lyrics. Short of embedding a video, I'm not sure how a photo would show howling winds. I'll have to look into that, but hopefully not before next Winter. The weather forecast calls for above freezing daytime highs starting this Friday, accompanied by clouds. How's that Seasonal Affective Disorder thingy working out for you? On the other hand, shipping season is starting in Duluth I think I heard on Minnesota Public Radio this morning. The Coast Guard's icebreaker was breaking up the 20" thick ice. The 1,000-foot Mesabi Miner is to be the first departure of the season today or tomorrow. Now, in my book, this is not the same as the arrival of robins, geese, or cranes, but I'm ready to take what I can get as signs of Spring. I did notice last night that the red osier dogwood cuttings are starting to leaf out. That's another good sign. If you wonder what this list is about, go find the "Small Victories" post from about a month ago. I'm celebrating having made it through another Winter in My Minnesota. I'm glad you made it too. Stop by again tomorrow to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Rants, raves and reflections served daily.