Saturday, April 13, 2013

A well-tempered season

photo of hoar frost covered landscape
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for the visit. March of 2012 was much warmer than normal. By April last year the plants were budding, blossoming, erupting, growing. This year, we're about as far behind "normal" as we were ahead last year. Before we had the unseasonably warm Spring last year, we had several days in February with  hoar frost creating incredible beauty like that in the photo. Much as I hate to admit it, my frustration with our current weather patterns probably says more about my unrealistic expectations than it does about our weather. Are we trying to impose mechanistic schedules and regularities on an organic system we're constantly disrupting? (Can you tell I've been reading Gary Snyder again?) I've also been re-reading Sam Hamill and J.P. Seaton's anthology The Poetry of Zen. That, and our never ending snow flurries, inspired me to make the following (Americanized) haiku:
Bare branch snow covered
Spring rides a too slow donkey
on ground snow coated 
I know that we can "force" bulbs into premature blossoms. I suspect we're doing the same thing with our home's climate. Premature blossoms fade prematurely. I hope we're not going to see the same outcome for our home.

We're approaching mid-month, so here's the last segment of the first half of Prairie Grasses Suite.
photo of wind turbines to the horizon
© harrington
                         Have you seen the
Heavenly, hellish receding line
Over prairie grasses
Reaching beyond reach
Infinity experienced
Naturally, sometimes clouded by prairie
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