Friday, April 19, 2013

Ground cover

photos of pines in snow storm
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for slushing by. What do you think the world is coming to? Terrorist bombings in Boston; explosions in Texas; and Mother Nature acting like a terrorist in My Minnesota. Bostonians shut in per police order; we were shut in by heavy, wet snow; and folks in West, Texas were apparently lucky to have an "in" left in which to be shut. During the storm last night, I tried waving a white flag of surrender. Apparently Mother N. couldn't see it through the snow. Do you think we need an international agreement to change the color of truce and surrender from white to florescent orange or lime green so it could be used in Winter or "Spring?" Could we get both houses of congress to approve it, or would the fact that it needs to be international mean that some members would raise the flag of socialist, UN conspiracy? Do you recognize the bipolar, manic symptoms of SAD and cabin fever combined? Shall we move on to today's poetry? Yes, let's. We can return to Where One Voice Ends... and read Angela Shannon's 
Carrying Home
I am carrying home in my breast pocket:
land where I learned to crawl,
dust that held my footprints,
long fields I trod through.

Home, where Mother baked bread,
where Papa spoke with skies,
where family voices gathered.
In my palm, this heap of earth
I have hauled over hills and valleys.

Releasing dirt between my fingers,
I ask the prairies to sustain me.
May my soil and this soil nurture each other,
may seeds root and develop beyond measure,
may the heartland and I blossom.
Nature literacy? Yes. Grounded in place? Yes. Coyote and Bear totems? I think so, but not in an obvious way. Look at "spoke with skies" and "nurture each other." Further totems: soil as totem. Science and further science: person and place co-evolving and blossoming together. Language, craft, getting the work done? I say absolutely. "Planting" a new "home" for your "transplanted" life works for me. Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served here daily.