Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enough? Already?

photo of prairie skies
© harrington
Welcome. I think today is Quatro de Mayo, since tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and also the 15th Annual Walk with the Animals, a major fundraiser for Northwoods Humane Society. All this talk about numbers makes me wonder about what's enough compared to what's too much. Part of the key to sustainable living in a sustainable society, I believe, is to enjoy what we have and to learn when we have, or have had, enough. Take a look at the picture of the prairie and the sky and consider: is there enough sky? Would more sky make us (the viewers) happier? Is there enough prairie? Would more prairie improve the view? If more prairie made for more prairie flowers in total, would we need bigger eyes of a broader horizon or a deeper field of view to enjoy the additional flowers? My one labrador retriever makes me quite happy. If I had two, I doubt that I'd be twice as happy. Four might make me (as an individual) quite unhappy. Do you have a car? More than one? How many can you drive at one time? I really think we've lost our way when it comes to deciding we've had enough. There are studies that show that, once people reach a basic level of income, more money doesn't make them happier. The quality of relationships can and does, but, again, that's a measure of better, not more. Perhaps that's where we take a wrong turn: when we confuse more with better. I know addicts who could never get enough of their drug of choice until they passed out or died. I doubt that's what we want for ourselves, our families, our friends or our communities. Is it? Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served here daily.