Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make belief

photo of Spring wildflowers
© harrington
Welcome. Thanks for visiting. Today, let's pretend. OK? We'll pretend that some day the rain will stop and the sun will come out and it will be warm. Just like in some fairy tales. And then, and then, we'll be able to go out and see wildflowers just like the ones in the picture above. I believe the pink flowers in the lower center are hepatica. Believe means that I don't know for certain. If I knew, I wouldn't have to believe. Sometimes, it makes me happier to believe something is true rather than to know the contrary. For example, I believe there could be fairies, especially in the Irish countryside and in the less inhabited parts of this country. I believe they hang around with fireflies and Spring peepers. I believe my dog Si-Si likes/loves me. She seems happy (tail wagging) when she comes to say Hi! after I've been away at work all day. But, you know, I really don't know what's going on in her head or her heart so it's my belief, not knowledge. What do you believe? Do you believe that Minnesota is not a perfect place, but the right place for you? Do you believe that we could do better at protecting the things that make Minnesota Minnesota? Where in Minnesota is important to you? Why? Is it where you fell in love for the first time? Is it where you heard your first loon cry or wolf howl? Is it where you saw your first dwarf trout lily? Where your child was born? Your children go to school? Where in Minnesota is home to you? We Americans are a restless people. We move often and, sometimes, far, like from the Massachusetts coast to the St. Croix valley. Do you know what watershed you live in? Do you know where your drinking water comes from? How far away does your food grow? I know, I ask lots of questions. One thing I learned a long time ago (it's something I know) is that, if you don't learn to ask the right questions, you'll never get the right answers. Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served daily.