Sunday, May 26, 2013

Swan song

photo of trumpeter swan pair
© harrington
Welcome. Thanks for sharing Memorial Day weekend with us. One of the nicest aspects of living where we do, and taking the sideroads we often frequent, is the opportunity to take pictures like this. We were on our way into St. Paul this morning when we saw these swans (which may or may not be the same pair as seen in an out of the way pond several miles east of here) swimming beside a road that passes through Carlos Avery WMA in Chisago County. Today was the first time this year we've seen swans on these waters. I now get to spend time during the next several weeks wondering if I'll get a chance to see cygnets. Many of the Canada geese pairs already have goslings waddling the road shoulders. Yesterday evening we ignited the brush pile (after activating the burn permit). There's enough buckthorn and dead oak branches for at least one more burn session, perhaps two. After further conversations this morning with the more stable member of this partnership, the idea of trying for blueberry bushes and a small apiary, protected by a solar powered electric fence seems like a potentially interesting course of action. We'll see how it feels in a week or so. In the meanwhile, Si-Si got to explore the "back yard" while on a 50 foot check cord (essentially a long leash). She thought that was a pretty good deal. She's not too sure that water is for playing in in addition to drinking, but we think by them end of Summer her attitude will have changed. In ther interim, she got to blow off some steam charging around and only got herself the cord wrapped around one tree. Since it's a holiday weekend, we're going to settle for a shorter than usual posting today and wee what tomorrow brings. Come again when you can.