Thursday, June 20, 2013

Apple polishing

photo of Summer storm clouds
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for visiting. If the weather forecast is to be believed (and when is it ever not?), we'll see more skies like this over the next several days. The rain, should we actually get some, will be good for the new apple trees, which look a little strange ensconced in their gator bags. I'm told not to expect fruit for several years (assuming we can protect them from the deer and the pocket gophers and moles and ... ). That's something to look forward to (eating the apples, not trying to protect the trees). I'm familiar with, and really enjoy, Honeycrisp, a cultivar developed right here in Minnesota. I'm not at all familiar with Snow Sweet, another Minnesota-developed apple, but I like the description. Autumn has long been one of my favorite times of year. If you ask me (which you haven't, but you should), Minnesota does a much, much better job with Autumn than she ever has with Spring. As for Summer, look at the picture and tell me it's not a mixed bag. But then, I suppose in it's own way, each season has its high points and fans as well as low points and those who are just trying to get through it. Several years ago, I came across "The Apple Lover's Cookbook", probably in Yankee magazine. I'm going to have to check and see if Snow Sweet apples are in it. (Report coming soon.) From the beauty of their first blossoms in Spring through the drowsy drone of Summer's bees to the taste treats of fresh apples in Autumn and apple pie in Winter, apples are a joy for all seasons. What joys do you find in each of Minnesota's seventeen or twenty-one different seasons? Thanks for sharing and for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served daily.