Friday, July 19, 2013

Don't take life for granted

photo of close to heaven
© harrington
Hi. From what I'm told, it's your turn to welcome me back. I have traveled as close to heaven this week as Lazarus did. Multiple hours in surgery Wednesday morning getting a subdural hematoma fixed has convinced me that enjoying our moments of consciousness  is essential. In the process fo being repaired, I've met some wonderful nurses, therapists and doctors and one chaplain all dedicated to helping many of us return to what we call a normal life. As the person who has lived with me for some time just said "you are one hell of a lucky sucker." This helps to confirm my long time suspicion (as a recovering planner) that "no amount of planning will every replace dumb luck." I'm glad to be back. Thanks to those of you who actually missed my prattling. If you're nice to me I promise to not post the picture of me looking like Frankenstein, with staples running down the middle of my head. I've noticed some comments on my 25 books every Minnesotan should read. I'll get to those tomorrowwhen I can given them the attention they deserve. Thanks again for caring and participating. Rants, raves and reflections will continue to be served here daily whenever, and as long as,  I'm able.