Tuesday, August 6, 2013


photo of summer sandhill cranes
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for visiting. Something I should have mentioned sooner is that the sandhill crane population in Chisago county seems to be growing. During last week's trek to pick up our CSA shares, we noticed several small flocks in the farm fields we were driving past. For those of us who have long been enchanted by these ancient birds, that's great news. Other news that's interesting, but not yet as good as the crane news, is the recent planting of black chokeberry bushes in the north yard. They're loaded with green berries that, assuming local wildlife doesn't beat us to them, are destined for the preserve pot. On another good news note, the abundance of staples holding my scalp together was successfully removed earlier today with substantially less pain than I was anticipating. I did my best to "man up" and only yelled out loud once. The skin near our ears is particularly sensitive, it seems. Those of us with thick skulls (ask several of my former teachers) and hard heads (check with either of my former wives or my current one) appear to be like the old timex watches in the commercials. We "take a licking and keep on ticking." Come back when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served here daily.