Monday, August 5, 2013

Spring isn't the only new beginning

photo of dawn of a new day
© harrington
Hi! Thanks for stopping. As some of you may be aware, a couple of weeks ago I  suffered a serious, self-inflicted accident by getting knocked over by one of our dogs. After spending several hours in neurosurgery, I've been trying to get back to what I laughingly refer to as "normal." Part of normalcy, for me, is trying my hand at being a poet. Today, I finally felt up to revisiting that part of my life. During the course of writing Recuperation, I also gained a long suspected and denied insight into the human part of nature I'm most familiar with, me. I find the following  sad, but true, although not as profound or charming as Joan Walsh Anglund's small book: Spring is a new beginning.

        J Harrington

It’s been how long,
Three weeks?
A month?
Since I’ve felt at
My old full strength
When I could do
A daily chore
Which I, so foolish, would resent
And so resist each chore and more
A daily grind
It seemed a bore
It was unkind
I was a grump
Now my head’s rent,
            And staple-filled
My body trashed
            By different pills
Oh, what I’d give
            This very day
To do a chore
            And feel OK
Someday soon
            I have no doubt
I’ll rejoin Life
            And  then back out
Back to a grump
            Whose chores bug him
Joni Mitchell said it much better in her song Big Yellow Taxi. Come again when you can, rants raves and reflections served here daily.