Monday, September 30, 2013

A dark day?

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I presume by now you've at least heard about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Grist has a pretty good summary if you're not up to reading the whole depressing report or even the summary for policy makers. Meanwhile, too many of the clowns in Washington, elected by us citizens, are ready to shut down the government and, while they're at it, continue to deny climate change exists.

photo of scorching sun
scorching sun                © harrington

This country, this world, is facing issues too significant for us to put up with malfeasance strictly for political gain. If anyone but politicians tried these actions, they'd be arrested for extortion. But, even if there's a shutdown, CONGRESS WILL STILL GET PAID. The other really frustrating aspect of this is that there are so damn many gerrymandered safe seats (for each party) that real political retribution would be difficult, although it's becoming clear that moderate Republicans are preferable by a long shot to tea baggers. Denial of reality for political or religious reasons, like war, is harmful to children and other living things.

On the other hand, Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller, on The Daily Circuit this morning, bless her heart, had a vigorous discussion of the IPCC report and it's implications. Paul Hutner made some very worthwhile points about how the insurance industry and businesses in general are ahead of the politics on the climate change issue and that we will all pay for inaction as more and more megastorms like Sandy affect our economy. Shared risk anyone? Why hasn't mainstream media been doing more to report on these issues? Here's poet Lawrence S. Pertillar perspective on today's very obvious rant.

Gridlock Blocks

Gridlock blocks and stops,
And those who attempt to prevent this growth,
With their votes...
On their own ineptitude provoked.

And there...
Under a glaring spotlight,
They've become stunned...
By those seeking to see them,
Get things done.
To eventually be revealed to everyone...
That gettings things done,
Is not one of their capabilities.

Upsetting a correct direction,
That has promise to become effective...
Is the only implementation used to increase,
An obsession the opposition uses,
To ensure complete defeat.
Even if it is at their own expense.

Lawrence S. Pertillar

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