Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apples and snakes and sin, oh my!

Hi! Have you noticed that apples are coming/have come into season. I stopped by the Mississippi Market co-op today and noticed that Sweetango apples are on sale. You may remember that for Father's Day this year one of my gifts was not one but two apple trees in the back yard, purchased, planted, watered and sprayed against cedar rust blight (after the fact) by the daughter person and her significant other. That's him on the left and her on the right.

photo of apple tree planting
planting backyard apple trees                     © harrington
I'll be watching carefully this Winter to see if any of the local deer manage to get at the trees despite the fencing. Apples have been a blessing, and a bane, of humanity since the beginning. But then there's Johnny Appleseed, the Amador Apple Festival, apple pie, apple butter and a whole host of other goodies. You have my fondest wish for a crisp, ripe, juicy and tasty Minnesota Autumn full of apples. Yusef Komunyakaa nicely captures the
apples, blessings, and tribulations of us human folks in South Carolina Morning. See what you think, but be sure to stay away from guys like this when you're thinking about eating apples.
snake in the grass?              © harrington
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