Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fading out

Hi. Welcome. Please pretend there's a photo of some fading and tattered Summer flowers up above this text. Google's Blogger software is malfunctioning. I've tried several of the solutions recommended on-line. They worked for a day or two but the issue keeps returning and getting worse. I guess this is an example of getting what you pay for.
Anyhow, Summer  seems to be getting as faded and tattered as the (missing) picture of the flowers above. The weather this Spring and Summer have left me feeling about as washed out and crumpled as the roadside flowers are becoming. If I were younger, I might seriously look for somewhere that had four seasons with moderate Summer temperatures. We used to do better in My Minnesota. In the future, being able to take a cool, refreshing shower might be more of a challenge if our drought continues and water supplies dwindle.
Did you notice the August 31 article in the Strib about "tapping" the Mississippi River to "fix" the White Bear Lake shrinkage issue? What really dismays me is nowhere is there a mention of water conservation as all or part of a solution. Yet the Strib also has a previous article on Nature not being able to keep up with Minnesota's growing demand for water. And we're officially back in drought status over much of the state. Will we ever learn? Do you think any of this will get better as climate change and global warming continue?

Thanks for listening. Sorry about the missing picture. I hope Google will stop being evil to me and fix the Blogger software. The Blogger software still isn't fixed, I found a workaround. Come again when you can. Rants, Raves and Reflections served here daily.