Friday, November 15, 2013

Minnesota, enlightened

Every once in awhile, Minnesota gives us an Autumn day like today so we can feel justified in coping with what's on its way. Mid 50s, gorgeous sunrise, beautiful early morning mist and frost. I hope you got to enjoy at least some of it.

 November sunrise over misty field
 November sunrise over misty field © harrington

The day just kept getting prettier and better (spelled warmer). Then, this afternoon, moonrise was a wonderful counterpoint to sunrise. Sunlight reflected is to sunlight as a mirrored image is to your loved one's face. A pale copy but stunning none-the-less.

November moonrise over woods
November moonrise over woods  © harrington
Henry David (a fellow New England born) writes of the moon as if he were enlightened.

The moon now rises to her absolute rule

By Henry David Thoreau 

The moon now rises to her absolute rule,
And the husbandman and hunter
Acknowledge her for their mistress.
Asters and golden reign in the fields
And the life everlasting withers not.
The fields are reaped and shorn of their pride
But an inward verdure still crowns them;
The thistle scatters its down on the pool
And yellow leaves clothe the river—
And nought disturbs the serious life of men.
But behind the sheaves and under the sod
There lurks a ripe fruit which the reapers have not gathered,
The true harvest of the year—the boreal fruit
Which it bears forever,
With fondness annually watering and maturing it.
But man never severs the stalk
Which bears this palatable fruit.

Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections, but never mooning, served here daily.