Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter interlude

Yesterday was it foggy where you were? Our morning fog contributed mightily to the area's Winter beauty. The milder temperatures made being out and about a pleasure. Today, not so much. I'm not sure what created the purple(?) tones to the fog, but I'm pretty sure my camera's not lying.

Winter fog
Winter fog                     © harrington

Today's sunshine has been moderated by below zero temperatures. As long as the visibility stays reasonable for driving, I'll take the fog and the warmth. (Bet you saw that coming.) As is my way all too often, I've been fretting again. This time about whether mice or voles are going to girdle the two tiny apple trees to the right of the pear tree in the picture. I should have gone out and shoveled the snow cover away from their trunks while it was warmer, but I ended up having to focus on a plumbing repair as a higher priority. One thing about this Winter so far is that there have been far fewer mice in the traps. I'm not sure why but the difference from last year is notable (that's why I noted it). I suppose that may, or may not, help to account for the lack of local barred owls seen or heard this Winter. Still haven't seen a snowy owl either. Later in the day yesterday, the fog magically turned into hoar frost covering most of the landscape. I think it's hard to beat something like this as a Winter wonderland scene, unless it's purple fog, although Todd Davis reminds us that fog brings more than beauty into our lives.

Fog turned to hoar frost
Fog turned to hoar frost        © harrington


By Todd Davis 

In this low place between mountains
fog settles with the dark of evening.
Every year it takes some of those
we love—a car full of teenagers
on the way home from a dance, or
a father on his way to the paper mill,
nightshift the only opening.
Each morning, up on the ridge,
the sun lifts this veil, sees what night
has accomplished. The water on our window-
screens disappears slowly, gradually,
like grief. The heat of the day carries water
from the river back up into the sky,
and where the fog is heaviest and stays
longest, you’ll see the lines it leaves
on trees, the flowers that grow
the fullest.

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