Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cabin fevered

OK, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. The temperature seems to have finally reached the plus numbers by mid-day. Later this afternoon, I'll put on my mukluks and winter jacket, take out the trash and recycling and walk the dogs. By then I expect we'll have soared to maybe +3 F. The 5-day forecast hints at a possibility of above zero nights tomorrow and next Tuesday. That's it. Even Paul Douglas is commenting on the depth and duration of our cold spell. I'm developing an outrageous case of cabin fever to go with my runny, drippy, cold nose. It's not so much that I'm stuck in the "cabin," it's that going out in this weather is not my idea of fun. Spending as much time inside as I have these past few weeks did get the bookshelves loaded and organized. I promised a photo and here it is.

new bookshelves with books
 new bookshelves with books      © harrington

Hanging on the right-hand side is the "possibles" bag my better half made me for Christmas. I've reached that age where keeping track of cell phone, wallet, checkbook, notepad, pens etc. becomes easier if they're all in one "pocket." I'm getting used to it and it seems an improvement but we're still at the dating stage of a relationship (the possibles bag and I, not my better half and I). Another Christmas present from family (current and to be) is shown below. The frames and etchings were done by the daughter person and her fiancee. I think they're awesomely cool (both the couple and the framed etchings). There's the leaf set and a dragonfly.

maple, birch, pin cherry, burr oak leaves etched in copper
maple, birch, pin cherry, burr oak leaves  © harrington

dragonfly etched in copper
dragonfly                    © harrington
Sans segue, could it be that we accept (without rioting) our underwhelming Spring season just because we're so damn glad to finally get rid of our never ending Winters? I often have the same issue with my coffee as does Linda Gregg with her tea.

Winter Love

By Linda Gregg 

I would like to decorate this silence,   
but my house grows only cleaner
and more plain. The glass chimes I hung   
over the register ring a little
when the heat goes on.
I waited too long to drink my tea.   
It was not hot. It was only warm. 

Thanks for visiting. Come again when you can. Please be kind to each other while you can.