Monday, April 21, 2014

Hearing limits

Yesterday was Easter. Tomorrow is Earth Day. Most of the recent snow fall has melted. Spring Is a New Beginning. That makes today an opportune time to remind everyone that some Iron Rangers are working on answers to the question (raised by My Minnesota during the online conversations about the need for and effects of the proposed PolyMet NorthMet project) of what a sustainable Iron Range would look and work like. This coming Saturday, April 26, the 2014 Iron Range Earth Fest is being held at Mt. Iron. I'm delighted to see that The Land Stewardship Project, of which I'm a long-time member, is putting on a Farm Dreams Workshop that evening in the My. Iron Community Center. I just don't believe we're going to leave the earth in the shape our children need and deserve if we continue to put holes in the stratosphere, dig very, very large holes in the earth's crust, or blow the tops off of mountains so we can recharge our smart-phones and tablets. Nor do I believe we need to return to a subsistence life as hunter-gatherers as the only alternative. We do need to limit our greed and self-centeredness and learn to live comfortably within the resource limitations the skills, knowledge, wisdom and the earth's limited capacity to support us and all our relations can provide.

Earth NASA
Earth NASA

One of Joe Paddock's poems from DARK DREAMING, GLOBAL DIMMING seems like a good fit today.

Joe Paddock


We move within great
than the immense flight—guiding rhythms: yahonking geese
who know their way, coiling vines
that find the sun, honeybees
that dance for their hives,
describing point by point, the way
to flower-finds. Most Perfect guidance

From everywhere in the universe,
the immense flight—energy
and wisdom of the infinite—
continually swarms in on us,
but, fixed on glut, lean bellies
and beautifully abstract breasts,
bushels, the market, bull and ber,
we cannot hear! Our sensitive
ear has been jammed

We could be
guided, continually
corrected by the whole
wondrous webbing,
were we open....

Through blood-tinted twilight,
shifting flights, energy patterns
elaborating wisdom, winging

steadily away.

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