Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to National Poetry Month

My Minnesota often includes poetry with its postings as a way of showing that poetry and poems can be relevant to much that goes on in our daily lives. This April, for National Poetry Month, we're taking a slightly different approach by highlighting a different Minnesota poet each day. We'll still try to find something that fits the season and/or the mood of the day but the emphasis will be on the poem first and a daily report second. First up is Joe Paddock's Waiting for Spring, one of Lincoln County's entries in County Lines, 87 Minnesota Counties, 130 Minnesota Poets.

three geese in flight
© harrington

Joe Paddock

Waiting for Spring

Out-talking geese,
but making less sense,
we migrate constantly
to winter.

That springtime of nights:
goose-babble moonlight blend
over prairie,
the flocks riding
thousands of miles of wind
as ice drifts north.

Walking alone on moonlit prairie,
goose talk falling through the night
like spring snow:
ankle deep in goose joy
I'm filled with love,
but can't fly.
Ah, the geese,
at home in the wind,
the marshes, the seasons.

Who am I? Who are we?
What are we to do?

Thanks for visiting. Come again when you can.
Please be kind to each other while you can.