Saturday, October 18, 2014

Foot in mouth disease or nefarious plot?

The Star Tribune's Editorial Board has managed to put together an editorial today (Keep bird deaths in perspective) that, in my opinion, represents one of the most stupid and shortsighted rationales I've ever seen in that publication. I believe it is representative of just about everything that is wrong with much of corporate america's thinking. "We've screwed things up badly enough so a little more won't really hurt," is a way to paraphrase their subheading "In the big scheme of things, the stadium’s impact will be minimal."

female bluebird
Photo by J. Harrington

Usually, even if I disagree with their position, in the past I have been able to respect how the Editorial Board justified that position. If I accept their "reasoning" this time, I have to also conclude there was no reason for Congress to have passed the Clean Water Act Amendments of 1972. Our rivers were polluted enough, one more fire or untreated wastewater discharge won't make that much difference.

scarlet tanager
Photo by J. Harrington

If we're going to create a more just and sustainable world, we have to expect much more leadership from organizations like the Star Tribune and even the Sports Facilities Authority (SFA), since Governor Dayton I suspect has an interest in their decision making. I can't even get myself to the point of asking "what were they thinking?" because I find in the article no evidence of a thought process that isn't focused on protecting the status quo. Unless, perhaps under the new Republican ownership, the Star Tribune Editorial Board is trying to cost Governor Dayton the election by supporting a short-sighted position of the SFA. The governor has appointed the chair and two other members, a majority of the five. That must be it. (Full Disclosure: I'm a member of the Audubon Society and our local chapter isn't very happy about the glass.)

[UPDATE: Here's what I consider a more responsible approach to the topic.
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