Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Treats, tricks and treasures

It's becoming clear to me that Halloween this year is likely to be a low-key affair, unless we get another Halloween blizzard. Our two lead pumpkin carvers got married early this month in the "back yard" and, although we're all pretending that we've recovered, I'm taking those claims with a grain or two of salt. Notwithstanding complaints about how much work carving is, and how icky (no "e," I looked it up) cleaning the "pumpkin guts" can be, I'm also sensing a need for more decompression time for the newly weds and the bride's parents.
the "altar" in the back yard
the "back yard altar" for the wedding
Photo by J. Harrington

Here's what our table looked like a couple of years ago. I kind of miss having something like it and may have to bestir myself to see about a Thanksgiving cornucopia or something that will look good on the table for most of November.

Halloween jack-o-lantern from 2011
Nice pumpkin carving and table decorations
Photo by J. Harrington

In the more than twenty years we've lived here, I don't think we've had one Trick-or-Treater come to the door. When our Tricksters were younger, we used to take them somewhere more populous where they could go door-to-door with their friends. Since I no longer have someone else's treats to raid, I'm debating whether to indulge myself by buying some of my favorite candy treats "just in case some kids show up," or to give my waistline and blood sugar a break and forego a Halloween stock-up this year.

a small cove on Minnesota's Lake Superior shore
a small cove on Minnesota's Lake Superior shore
Photo by J. Harrington

Last year at this time the Better Half and I were way up north, enjoying some time alone by ourselves and taking one of our all too infrequent looks at Minnesota's "North Shore." This year we never did make it on the brook trout fishing trip I had envisioned as an excuse to go back (late, wet Spring etc.). That gives us something we can look forward to next year and enjoy planning for this Winter. Of course, with our weather these days there's always a chance we'll be tricked out of our anticipated treat, even though it will be the wrong season for that.

Trick or Treat

By Nancy Price 

The ghost is a torn sheet,
the skeleton’s suit came from a rack in a store
the witch is flameproof, but who knows
what dark streets they have taken here?
Brother Death, here is a candy bar.
For the lady wearing the hat from Salem: gum.
And a penny for each eye, Lost Soul.
They fade away with their heavy sacks.
Thanks! I yell just in time.
                                             Thanks for another year!

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