Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrate poems in your pockets and independent bookstores

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month for this year. It's also Poem in Your Pocket Day. Here's a poem from my very own pocket that I dashed off and Tweeted a little while ago in response to another Tweet that inspired me.

bloodroot blossoms and poem
bloodroot blossoms and poem
Photo by J. Harrington

Just because we've once again reach the end of National Poetry Month isn't a reason to be sad. Remember the saying "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" which may or may not have originated with Dr. Seuss. Also, you can find good poetry, even great poetry, on-line and free at the academy of american poets and the Poetry Foundation, among other places.
Since we try to add a poem related to our daily musings, rants and raves here at My Minnesota, there's close to 300 poems stashed here. If you're more interested in a book you can hold in your hands, why not celebrate Saturday's Independent Book Store Day where we've found good selections of poetry:  Common Good Books or Subtext in St. Paul and the Bookstore at Fitzger's in Duluth has an outstanding collection of books by regional (local) poets and writers. But, for now, shouldn't you be outside enjoying a gorgeous Spring day like today, instead of inside reading a posting about poetry? Or, do you have a laptop or tablet or phone and a wifi connection, so you can enjoy sitting under a tree while you read. I hope so.

National Poetry Month

Field in Spring

Susan Stewart, 1952

Your eye moving
left to right across
the plowed lines
looking to touch down
on the first
shoots coming up
like a frieze
from the dark where
pale roots
and wood-lice gorge
on mold.
Red haze atop
the far trees.
A two dot, then
a ten dot
ladybug. Within
the wind, a per-
pendicular breeze.
Hold a mirror,
to the rain. Now
the blurred repetition
of ruled lines, the faint
green, quickening,
the doubled tears.
Wake up.
The wind is not for seeing,
neither is the first
song, soon half-
way gone,
and the figures,
the figures are not waiting.
To see what is
in motion you must move.

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