Saturday, August 8, 2015

And the seasons, they go ...

I noticed yesterday, for the first time this season, that our sand plain tumble grass (Eragrostis spectabilis) is turning autumnal pinkish purple.

purple love grass (Eragrostis spectabilis)
Photo by J. Harrington
Then this morning, on the guardian [scroll down], I came across this:
"Children eat watermelons to meet the ‘beginning of autumn’ at a kindergarten. Chinese tradition to eat watermelons or peaches before that day symbolises ‘biting away summer’. The solar term ‘beginning of autumn’ falls on 8 August this year"
The Minnesota State Fair doesn't start for almost three weeks, but our northern hemisphere seasons are already beginning their transitional slide from Summer to Fall. My Minnesota usually does a much better job with the metamorphosis from hot and humid to cool and dry than its too often abrupt change from cold and wet Spring to hot and humid Summer. As nice as this Summer's been, my favorite time(s) of year are coming up. Sweaters anyone?

How Smokes the Smolder

By Todd Boss 

at neck, at   
shoulder, that

stokes a man
as he grows

older. Nothing
rages, nothing

fumes. No one
races through

the rooms,   
alarmed. How

casually he's
armed. How   

gradually arises   
what surprises   

in his mirrors.
Unawares, as

fall runs colder,
pulls he only

slightly tighter
his good wool   

sweater, thinner   
than ever now

at elbow,   
at shoulder.

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