Saturday, November 7, 2015

Owl see you at the Wildlife Science Center

The Better Half and I together with the Daughter Person and Son-In-Law and Daughter Person's Mother-In-Law spent mid-day looking at and learning about raptors, wolves of several types, foxes, both red and gray, bob cats, pumas, black bears and coyotes.We went on a tour of the nearby Wildlife Science Center. (If any of the photos I took came out worth posting, I'll upload some tomorrow.)  The weather was exceptionally cooperative. I'm still trying to adjust to seeing some wildflowers in bloom on November 7.

the neighborhood black bear at one of our bird feeders
the neighborhood black bear at one of our bird feeders
Photo by J. Harrington

For anyone who enjoys wildlife and doesn't live in the country, there's an abundance of opportunities to see and hear it within an hour or so of our location. Audubon Center of the North Woods near Sandstone, and Crex Meadows in Wisconsin near Grantsburg are about an hour north of us. The Wild and Scenic St. Croix River is 30 minutes or so east of us and Wildlife Science Center is about that far west.

barred owl at Audubon Center of the North Woods
barred owl at Audubon Center of the North Woods
Photo by J. Harrington

The size range in wolves was more than I had envisioned, while the coyotes looked smaller and less rangy than the few I've seen in the wild around here. The bears appeared to be about the same size as or a little larger than the one in the front yard a year or so ago. The barred owl that helped start the tour's educational program didn't seem quite as large as the one at Audubon or the other one in the oak tree on the north side of the house a couple of years ago. I've neither seen nor heard any owls nearby for quite some time. I miss their company and calls. Have you been tracking this year's snowy owl irruption?

“A monster owl”

By Lorine Niedecker 

A monster owl
out on the fence
flew away. What
is it the sign
of? The sign of
an owl.

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