Thursday, January 14, 2016

"that's what eye saw"

Several years ago, forward thinking folks down the road started the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community. Its base of operations is the Hallberg Center for the Arts at 5521 East Viking Boulevard in (of course) Wyoming, MN. On January 21, one week from today, they're we're opening a photography exhibit (here comes the shameless self promotion) for which I'm submitting some prints for display. You're invited to join us from 5:30 to 8:30 at "that's what eye saw" - a photographic art show. If you come, it's possible you may get to hear me read a poem that was inspired by the exhibit's title, or a different one published in Talking Stick 24, that complements the Winter season and one of my pieces I hope we can find room to display.

St. Croix River island in Winter
St. Croix River, island in Winter
Photo by J. Harrington

I'm grateful to the folks who put in the hours of hard work needed to get the Center started and happy to have a chance to practice what I preach about "going local" and participating in and supporting my local economy. I believe that, post exhibit, some of the pieces shown may be on display at a local coffee shop, The Nesting Grounds. Local networking among businesses and organizations can be a helpful way to boost local economies.

The Talking Stick, Vol 24, "Undercurrents"
published by The Jackpine Writers' Bloc

I think you know the arts have significant roles to play in the vitality of local and rural communities. They also provide a significant economic development engine. Thanks to Minnesota's voters, Legacy Amendment funding, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and the East Central Regional Arts Council, we now have numbers that support our suspicions about local art's positive economic effects, to say nothing of the social and educational payoffs. If you have a local arts organization, get involved and join them. If you don't have on, start one. I bet you'll be glad you did. To get an idea of how much fun it can be, stop by the Hallberg Center on the 21st. I hope to see you then.

Idea 43: Why should your fair eyes with such sovereign grace

By Michael Drayton 

Why should your fair eyes with such sovereign grace
Disperse their rays on every vulgar spirit,
Whilst I in darkness in the self-same place
Get not one glance to recompense my merit?
So doth the ploughman gaze the wandering star,
And only rest contented with the light,
That never learned what constellations are,
Beyond the bent of his unknowing sight,
O! why should beauty, custom to obey,
To their gross sense apply herself so ill?
Would God I were as ignorant as they,
When I am made unhappy by my skill;
Only compelled on this poor good to boast,
Heavens are not kind to them that know them most.

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