Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impressions of "Impressions"

I'm consistently impressed by the number of creative and talented artists that live in my general vicinity. Today and tomorrow I'm going to keep words to a minimum here and share some photos from the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community's current exhibit, Impressions in Nature's Elements. First, though, I want to share a new word I learned: pyrography. It means wood burning, with a heated metallic point. Normal rants and raves will undoubtedly return next week.

duck in flight -- dave freemore
Photo by J. Harrington

the garden concierge -- b.t. johnson
Photo by J. Harrington

grandma's flowers -- judy franke
Photo by J. Harrington

jar flowers -- tree croyle
Photo by J. Harrington

glass works series -- jonas johnson
Photo by J. Harrington

all God's children -- judy franke
Photo by J. Harrington

Oscar Wilde : Impressions

  Les Silhouettes
 The sea is flecked with bars of grey,
 The dull dead wind is out of tune,
 And like a withered leaf the moon
Is blown across the stormy bay. 

 Etched clear upon the pallid sand
 Lies the black boat: a sailor boy
 Clambers aboard in careless joy
With laughing face and gleaming hand.

 And overhead the curlews2 cry,
 Where through the dusky upland grass
 The young brown-throated reapers pass,
Like silhouettes against the sky.

  La Fuite de la Lune3
 To outer senses there is peace,
 A dreamy peace on either hand
 Deep silence in the shadowy land,
Deep silence where the shadows cease.

 Save for a cry that echoes shrill
 From some lone bird disconsolate;
 A corncrake4 calling to its mate;
The answer from the misty hill. 

 And suddenly the moon withdraws
 Her sickle from the lightening skies,
 And to her sombre cavern flies,
Wrapped in a veil of yellow gauze.

Oscar Wilde (1855-1900) 1881

1 the title can be translated as impressions or sketches; 2 brown plumaged wading bird with large, curved beak and distinctive forlorn cry; 3 the flight of the moon; 4 inland bird with sharp repetitive call  

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