Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ah, Spring!

March is the month of the Worm or Crow or Crust or Sap Moon, the Spring Equinox, St. Patrick's Day, maple syruping time, and the month when snow bird migrants start to return, plus it's Women's History Month. Soon I expect to hear the sounds of Canada geese and sandhill cranes, spring peepers, red-winged blackbirds and flowing water. Spring is a busy time of year!

traces of snow behind potted daffodils
traces of snow beyond the woods, behind windowsill daffodils
Photo by J. Harrington

Today, March 1st 2016, is:
  • The first day of meteorological Spring (Yea!)

  • Minnesota caucus day (see sidebar on the right)

  • Super Tuesday (see above)

  • St. David's Day (I really like dragons and daffodils.)

  • Cloudy (sigh!)

  • Cold (about mid-teens late morning, see top bullet), but, hopefully, warming

  • Two weeks before the Ides of March (Beware!)

As we begin to come out of our Winter hibernation, there are at least two upcoming events we can anticipate: The Great Waters Fly-Fishing Expo from March 18 - 20, and the Minnesota Potters Tour way off in early May. Minnesota's Springs are all too often too short and too full, so you might want to put each of those on your calendar now.

2016 Potters Tour poster
2016 Potters Tour poster
Photo by J. Harrington


By Richard Kenney

Sky a shook poncho.
Roof   wrung. Mind a luna moth
Caught in a banjo.

This weather’s witty
Peek-a-boo. A study in

Blues! Blooms! The yodel
Of   the chimney in night wind.
That flat daffodil.

With absurd hauteur
New tulips dab their shadows
In water-mutter.

Boys are such oxen.
Girls! — sepal-shudder, shadow-
Waver. Equinox.

Plums on the Quad did
Blossom all at once, taking
Down the power grid.

NOTES: Read the Q&A with Richard Kenney about this poem

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