Saturday, April 16, 2016

Local's political limits

A Massachusetts politician, Tip O'Neil, who rose to become Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, is famously reported to have once said "all politics is local." Although I am a strong supporter of local foods and local economies, and originated in Massachusetts, I have not the patience needed to spend a whole day with local democrats as they try to get themselves once again organized. That's why the Better Half is diligently suffering through participating in  our local DFL senate district convention today while I undertake transition seasonal chores, such as turning on the outside water faucet and checking to see which plants survived the Winter and the root eaters. I also replenished, at a nearby farm and garden supply store, our stock of sunflower seeds for the local birds. Mole repellent to protect last year's rose bushes was purchased along with a mole trap for any persistent tunnelers that ignore the repellent. New pocket gopher traps were added to the morning's acquisitions in a renewed effort to protect what's left of the apple tree roots. Hummingbird, and maybe oriole, feeders will get filled and hung today, although I don't really expect the arrival of users for another two or three weeks. That would be about the time of the conclusion of

national poetry month

In honor of both national and local poetry, I want to again share a wonderful discovery we made about a year ago, across the river in Wisconsin. We've posted these pictures once or twice before, but I think they're worth sharing again. I was reminded of them as we drove back from last night dinner at the WaterShed Cafe in nearby Osceola, WI.

does the red barn hold a red wheelbarrow?
does the red barn hold the red wheelbarrow?
Photo by J. Harrington

yes, the red barn holds "The Red Wheelbarrow"
yes, the red barn holds "The Red Wheelbarrow"
Photo by J. Harrington

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