Thursday, November 3, 2016

November "gashkadino-giizis"? #phenology

We've established a firm foothold in November. The World Series is over. Yay, Cubs! Next Tuesday is election day, allowing political ads to be replaced by Christmas and Black Friday ads, at least until January 2, we hope. Right?

"Ice Is Forming Moon" 2015
"Ice Is Forming Moon" 2015
Photo by J. Harrington

November is the month of Ice Is Forming Moon, "gashkadino-giizis," which will be full (and a "Supermoon") on November 14. According to Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission's 2016 Phenology Calendar, this is also the month of "Waterfowl leave lakes; first snow; black bears find dens; deer in rut."

Early November open water, St. Croix River
Early November open water, St. Croix River
Photo by J. Harrington

The phenology calendar at Aldo Leopold Foundation notes this first week of November is when Sandhill Cranes and White-throated sparrows may last be seen and Pine Siskins may arrive. In fact, those three events cover pretty much the whole month.

The extended (10 day) forecast displayed on my mobile phone doesn't foretell any temperatures below 30F. That may affect the departure of Sandhill Cranes and Waterfowl, as well as any ice forming on lakes and ponds. We're not quite there yet, but I can almost hear the Daughter Person complaining about the prospect of a brown Christmas. Since I'm currently running a deficit of time spent watching the local rivers flow, and I've always enjoyed watching flowing waters more than ice forming, I'm going to try to take advantage of nature's beneficence this year and play some catch up over the next week or two. Who knows, I may even stumble upon the swans that are supposed to over-Winter near Hudson.

Analysis of Baseball

By May Swenson

It’s about                    Ball fits
the ball,                      mitt, but
the bat,                       not all                 
and the mitt.             the time.
Ball hits                      Sometimes
bat, or it                     ball gets hit
hits mitt.                    (pow) when bat
Bat doesn’t                meets it,
hit ball,                       and sails
bat meets it.              to a place
Ball bounces             where mitt
off bat, flies               has to quit
air, or thuds              in disgrace.
ground (dud)            That’s about
or it                             the bases
fits mitt.                     loaded,
                                     about 40,000
Bat waits                    fans exploded.
for ball
to mate.                     It’s about
Ball hates                  the ball,
to take bat’s              the bat,
bait. Ball                    the mitt,
flirts, bat’s                 the bases
late, don’t                   and the fans.
keep the date.           It’s done
Ball goes in                on a diamond,
(thwack) to mitt,      and for fun.
and goes out              It’s about
(thwack) back           home, and it’s
to mitt.                       about run.

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