Saturday, March 25, 2017

Arrival time #phenology

More signs of Spring continue to arrive day by day. The neighbor across the road is mending fence knocked down by Winter's winds. Soon it'll be ready for his horses to pasture on new Spring growth. I saw what I think was a bluebird perched atop the bluebird house in the field behind our house, and another something feathered on the roof of the "martin" house that's often occupied by swallows. Naturally, the binoculars were in the jeep in the garage and the birds had flown away by the time I got the camera and telephoto lens.

did I see a bluebird today?
did I see a bluebird today?
Photo by J. Harrington

The local pond up the road is now less than about 50% ice covered. The rains have been enough to dampen the duff and Winter-dead grasses, but barely. This morning a pair of does, still in their shadow-gray and tan Winter coats, watched from near the pear tree on the hill behind the house. They were the first deer we've seen nearby in months. I wonder if we'll get to see their fawns this Summer. Maybe soon some of the local turkeys will wander by also. It was unusually quiet around here over the Winter. As turkey hunters wander the woods, we can probably expect to see critters moving through, trying to stay out of the way of human visitors.

Don't forget to turn your lights off tonight from 8:30 until 9:30. It's been ten years and there are still too many climate deniers hindering progress.

Advice to a Blue-Bird

Who can make a delicate adventure
Of walking on the ground?
Who can make grass-blades
Arcades for pertly careless straying?
You alone, who skim against these leaves,
Turning all desire into light whips
Moulded by your deep blue wing-tips,
You who shrill your unconcern
Into the sternly antique sky.
You to whom all things
Hold an equal kiss of touch.

Mincing, wanton blue-bird,
Grimace at the hoofs of passing men.
You alone can lose yourself
Within a sky, and rob it of its blue!

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