Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Phenology: going to the dogs

A local sheriff's deputy recently Tweeted a report (which I refuse to believe) of a mosquito sighting. Mosquito season does, when it arrives, bring the possibility of heartworms, not good for dogs. This morning, Franco and SiSi headed to the vets for tests and shots, an annual Spring ritual. The costs are about the same as their original adoptions, but at least we don't have to go through house-breaking each year. [For the record, the Better Half had scheduled the vets appointment before the report of mosquitoes in the area.] Some time over the next few days, I'll replace the old rabies tags with the pretty blue new ones. Then we just need to follow the schedule for monthly heartworm medicine and quarterly flea and tick killer.

the Better Half belongs to Franco
Photo by J. Harrington

Another sign of warming weather and increased animal activity occurred this week. We moved the trash can into the garage. Bears should be out and about, and, given the lack of "greens" to nosh on, would undoubtedly be tempted by our occasional chicken bones and bacon grease. If they picked up after themselves, I wouldn't begrudge them the calories but, after they've wiped their paws, paper towels, kleenexes and whatever else they've used are strewn all over for moi to pick up. Almost as bad as when the kids were toddlers and left a mess when they'd finished playing. On the other hand, as we learned shortly after we'd moved here, it's best for all concerned if we keep dogs and visiting bears well separated or else everyone gets an "F" in "Plays well with others."

your faithful blogger belongs to SiSi
your faithful blogger belongs to SiSi
Photo by J. Harrington

All in all, we seem to have temporarily plateaued Spring happenings. Local trips to check for wild flowers keep getting deferred. Wildfowl migrations have largely moved through. Song birds come soon, followed by butterflies, accompanied by increasing numbers of wildflowers blooming. It is that time of year.


I say I
a small mosquito drinks from my tongue

but many say we and hear I
say you or he and
hear I

what can we do with this problem

a bowl held in both hands
cannot be filled by its holder

x, says the blue whale
x, say the krill
solve for y, says the ocean, then multiply by existence

the feet of an ant make their own sound on the earth

ice is astonished by water

a person misreads
delirium as delphinium
and falls into
a blueness sleepy as beauty when sneezing

the pronoun dozes

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