Saturday, January 6, 2018

Of spaceships and ships

We finally made it to see The Last Jedi. No spoilers here. The last 30 minutes or so were excellent. The first two hours or so should have been edited down to one hour.

Winter traffic outside Duluth harbor
Winter traffic outside Duluth harbor
Photo by J. Harrington

at anchor in the cold
at anchor in the cold
Photo by J. Harrington

Yesterday's trip to Duluth offered us a chance to visit the Fitger's book store's regional poetry section and take a couple of photos of the freighters stacked up outside the harbor before we talked with some folks about mining and water quality and land use. We saw a similar freighter parking problem a year or two ago in the Summer, so, if the cold and ice are creating the back up now, what happened in August or September when we previously noticed several freighters at anchor. Anyhow, we're glad we're not trying to stay warm out there.


by Adrienne Rich

Stone by stone I pile
this cairn of my intention
with the noon's weight on my back,
exposed and vulnerable
across the slanting fields
which I love but cannot save
from floods that are to come;
can only fasten down
with this work of my hands,
these painfully assembled
stones, in the shape of nothing
that has ever existed before.
A pile of stones: an assertion
that this piece of country matters
for large and simple reasons.

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