Monday, February 19, 2018

A taxing time

Snow has returned. We've been inside honoring 44/45 of our presidents by working on our taxes today. We are not the most happy campers, so we'll just leave these two maps here for now and let you draw your own conclusions, although they suggest to us several ways to "Make America Great Again" that aren't being pursed these days. We are pleased to note that our home state of Massachusetts, and our adopted home state of Minnesota each are in the top rankings for "intelligence."

Washington Post

New York Times

From our political perspective, though, simply not being as bad as the "other party" isn't a good enough reason to earn our vote. Green building and sustainable development recognize that being not bad isn't the same as being good. Health is much more than the absence of illness.

From Money

my parents used the term from money         it meant a lineage
but I envisioned a woman emerging naked and fully formed

from sierras of unmarked bills            there was no derision
in the term but an understanding that she was not like us

she had not worked a day in her life          she had never worn

with holes in them            her house had central heat instead of a
     wood stove

she knew how to shuck an oyster           always knew which fork
was appropriate            there was a lot we knew that she could not

but it was understood that these were Pandora kinds of

I asked if it was better to not have money           then have it but
     they said

it was more elegant to come from money            the nouveau riche
they said suffered from the one great affliction        a lack of

I said it doesn’t seem like the bad kind of suffering         they said
you’re too young to know what shame is            but you know I said

they argued behind the closed bedroom door once about a

I envisioned the prostitute             naked on sheets

of crisp hundred dollar bills             I understood even then that

and sex were cousins            though the order of the transaction
     confused me

the art of the deal              how to get what you want
withhold whatever has value             my father kept secret

that he was starting another family              we could have
with a little detective work sleuthed it out               rule number

follow the money              people will do terrible things to get it
my half brother was born               no—           he was practically

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