Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prince's purple grass?

photo of purple-pinkish grass
© harrington
I'm hoping that one of the readers (the reader?) of My Minnesota can help me with a Christmas wish. I can't identify the purple-pinkish grass in today's photo. This field is in the back yard (on the Anoka Sand Plain if that helps). I've checked for prairie grasses etc. in my standard resources to no avail. None of my references have been helpful on this particular identity quest. In autumn, the plants release tumble-weed-like long multi-armed (legged?) yellow/tan stalks that accumulate on the porch and in the driveway. One of my field guides is black and white drawings. The other doesn't seem to include whatever it is. Help!  One of my Christmas wishes is to find out what's growing all over my back yard.  Can you grant my wish? Please post a comment with either your answer to what this plant is, or a field guide title that you're pretty sure contains its name and picture. Thanks!