Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter roses to smell

photo of rural hoar frost
© harrington
Across the road from where I live, the scene looked like this last mid-winter. Hoar frost covered trees, grasses, and forbs. I live where I do because of the beauty of the countryside. Sometimes hoar frost, sometimes a soft winter snowfall will remind me to "stop and smell the roses," even if they aren't in season. As much as I enjoy the activity and pleasures (like coffee shops and book or music stores) of the city centers in My Minnesota, they aren't they reason I remain here. Minnesota has, is, beautiful country. Country I don't appreciate as much or as often as I should. I find it difficult, way too often, to admit what I love about Minnesota. As the year winds down and I take stock of 2012 and look forward to 2013, one of my New Year's to do list items (I gave up on resolutions years ago) will be to take time to appreciate the Minnesota I have. Another will be to try to preserve what I love about Minnesota and, finally, to work to restore places of wonder and beauty where and when I can. Do you have a list for next year? Does it include any items like those on my list? Should it?