Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Small victories

photo of dawn sky
© harrington
A colleague of mine recently told me that, toward the end of a Minnesota Winter, she focuses on tallying small victories. The more I've thought about her strategy, the more sense it makes. Here are some of the small victories I've experienced today. 1) As I pulled out of the driveway at 6 AM this morning, the sky had color in it, sort of like today's photo. 2) When I reached St. Paul, the pale band had risen from the horizon and been backfilled with a deep, rich red. 3) Bluestem Prairie had a great synopsis of the fracking sand hearing players. [Thank you, Sally Jo] 4) I found online a really cool politician (a phrase I rarely use). Susan Allen, district 62B, wrote a thank you note to those resisting the Keystone XL pipeline. [Thank you, Susan.] 5) One of my colleagues updated me on the EQB's planning for the Environmental Congress scheduled for March 15. [Thanks, Jim] 6) The sun shone most of my drive home. 7) The air temperature was warmer and the wind chill less today while walking the dog than they were yesterday. 8) My dawn redwoods continue to grow. 9) The staff meeting, while too long and boring, was not a disaster. 10) I'm now blogging and enjoying it. There is something to this small victories philosophy. [Thanks, Lauren] Have you ever tried it, especially late in the Winter with snow in the forecast? Maybe some people are just naturally grateful for the good things in life. I know I have to keep working at counting my blessings. Fortunately, it's good, honest work. The kind I need more of. Thanks for stopping by My Minnesota. You're welcome to come anytime, pull up a browser and leave a comment.