Sunday, May 5, 2013

Turn, turn, turn

photo of red-tailed hawk in evergreen tree
© harrington
Welcome. I hope you've been outside enjoying the sunshine and that you realize that today's title is taken from one of Pete Seeger's masterworks. Pete turned 94 a couple of days ago. He's a living testament to progressive living. Speaking of progressive living, I took a drive earlier to day with the daughter's Significant Other [SO] through northern and eastern Chisago County. Last weekend when we were learning about prairies in Wild River State Park, we also looked for the Women's Environmental Initiative farm. We missed locating it last weekend but only by about half a mile or so. Today, we came at it from the other direction and, except for one wrong turn, found it with no problem. This is important, since I'll be making this trip weekly to pick up our Community Supported Agriculture shares and have this long-standing fixation on knowing how to get to where I'm going. As the SO and I were exploring, we had our cameras semi-handy. That's how I ended up with this photo of a red-tailed hawk that looks like it's suspended but is actually perched on the top of the evergreen. When we moved a little closer to compensate for the limitations of my telephoto lens, the hawk decided (s)he didn't want to play anymore and glided away. Earlier in the trip, SO managed a couple of pictures of a turkey vulture flying through some trees away from whatever it had been feeding on. The spring flowers, like scilla and snowdrops, have started to bloom in the yard and the day lilies are responding to the warming soil. For, perhaps, the first time this season, there's no snowstorm forecast during the next five days. Maybe we've finally turned the corner as evidenced by some local farmers starting to turn the soil. I don't know about you, but I certainly hope so. Thinking about yesterday's posting, I've had enough of Winter for now but haven't yet reached a sufficiency of Spring. Thanks for listening. Rants, raves and reflections served daily here at My Minnesota.