Thursday, July 25, 2013

Almost there

Hi! Thanks for checking in. If you're wondering why the blog looks different, please check with Blogger. I haven't intentionally changed anything. Much as I've always wanted to "fly like an eagle," these days I'd settle for being able to caw like a crow. Sharp noises and rapid movements hurt my head. I know, those of us who have survived traumatic surgery should be more grateful. I'm sure I will be as the experience of random pain and twinges diminishes. For now though, I again want to let Sue and the crew at Subtext know how much I appreciate their efforts in keeping alive our list of twenty five books every Minnesotan should read. Yesterday I updated the list [below]. It now has links (to local independent stores as much as I could). Here it is [although we're still not up to 25]:

Paul Gruchow:
Robert Bly:
Howard Mohr:
Craig Blacklock:
Paul Gruchow and Jim Brandenberg:
Mary Lethert Wingerd:
John Tester:
Jim Gilbert:
Sigurd F. Olson
Bill Holm:
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Lorna Landvik
Helen Hoover
Grace Lee Nute
Justine Kerfoot
Lucy L. Morris
Sarah Stonich
Louise Eridrich
Kent Nerburn
Claudia Poser
Donna Tabbert Long
Danielle Sosin
I'd also like to thank readers of this blog for their patience with the irregularity of recent postings. I can but suggest how much I wish I were in shape to do better. I'm planning on getting back to rants, raves and reflections served here daily as soon s I can. In the interim, I'll do what I can and continue to appreciate your patience. Both will be needed for the near future. Mother Nature seems to be determined to teach me that neither growing a plant nor recovering from an injury can rightly be hurried. I think the student is ready.