Friday, July 12, 2013

Local delights

photo of whitetail doe under a pear tree
© harrington
Hi! Meet one of our charming neighbors. Obviously, people in a house (us) about 50 yards away aren't enough of a concern to keep someone from helping herself to the browse on the pear tree. (Note the bare branches on both sides.) We're not sure if this doe is the same one that was bedded down in the tall grass around the back yard "wet spot" earlier this week. The good news is that Franco the rescue wonder dog is too busy chasing non-existent squirrels from the deck to notice larger critters that are actually there. (There are plenty of squirrels actually on the deck from time to time. Franco just refuses to let their presence [or lack thereof] determine whether or not he can chase them and bark at them.) Did you go and read the Connie Wanek piece as suggested(!) yesterday? I'm please to tell you that I got to Magers & Quinn today in time to buy their last copy of Darkness Sticks to Everything, or at least the last copy they had on the shelf. The clerk said they'd order more but I noticed yesterday that Amazon has it listed as a one to three month special order so I'm not sure how soon more copies will arrive. (yes, I spent more than Amazon charges and put up with aggravating traffic to buy from a local bookstore. If Amazon disappeared off the internet, I doubt that I'd miss it as much as I would if my local independent bookstore went away because everone was too busy saving money at Amazon. Browsing real books on real shelves with real people around and coffee nearby is much more to my liking than clicking on internet buttons and having software suggest what others like me are buying.) I am feeling somewhat righteous about the fact that I came out of a bookstore with no more than the one book I went in to buy. There's little doubt that temptation will overcome me next time but, in the interim, a rainy weekend has probably been salvaged, or, at least, made more enjoyable. I hope you enjoy your weekend too and that you find enough time to come back when you can. Thanks for visiting. Rants, raves and reflections served daily.